IPPS 2012 presents DVD ‘Healing Nature’

Healing Nature – living and working in resonance with nature from Henkemans Film on Vimeo

Duration: 50 minutes

Price:  € 30,-  including postage
The DVD is released in December 2012. Your order is welcome!
Send an e-mail to Growing Foundation with the topic line: Order DVD.
State your name, organisation, address and we will send you an invoice soon. We very much appreciate your advance payment to account number 254711774 (at Triodos Bank) in favour of GROWING FOUNDATION.
IBAN: NL96 TRIO 0254711774 (please use no spaces!) BIC: TRIONL2U

Healing Nature: Living and Working in Resonance with Nature

Lessons we can learn from nature for a healthy living and a sustainable business and society seen from the viewpoint of science, practice, spirituality and culture and based on inspired speeches, workshops and personal experiences shared by people from around the globe and from different disciplines. Specialists in environmental psychology, nature conservation, natural leadership, horticultural therapy, green education, deep ecology and shamanism share their views.

This educational documentary is a professional film which summarises the essence of what has been presented during the International People Plant Symposium 2012: “Diversity: Towards a New Vision of Nature”  held 6 till 8 September 2012  at Castle ‘de Berckt’ in Baarlo, Limburg, The Netherlands. Also Keynote speakers and participants share their insights in the recorded interviews.


“The most important thing for the future is to learn how to resonate with nature. To resonate means making contact with life, with everything that breathes. I believe that the best way to find the right path for humans is to live a true, naturally sustainable life. When people truly make contact with plants and animals, there are new ways to communicate with each other. People will find their natural way of being. Synchronicity exists when patterns of human life resonate with those outdoors in natural ‘wild’ life.”

Annette Beerens, Chair of the Organizing Committee IPPS 2012


2 Responses to IPPS 2012 presents DVD ‘Healing Nature’

  1. Tijdens het International People Plant Symposium 2012, gehouden in september j.l., hebben vooraanstaande Nederlandse en Internationale sprekers uit diverse vakgebieden naast hun indrukwekkende presentaties, ook interviews gegeven waarin zij waardevolle inzichten deelden vanuit hun visie op natuur en gezondheid.

    Het resultaat is de prachtige DVD ‘Healing Nature’.

    Ik nodig jullie van harte uit om dit mooie document in woord en beeld te bekijken en natuurlijk ook te bestellen. De verkoop van de DVD is van belang om de kosten van het gehouden symposium te dekken. De organisatie van dit symposium was mogelijk door de belangeloze inzet van een enthousiast team van gedreven en kundige vrijwilligers met hart voor natuur en gezondheid. We kijken met plezier terug op de inspiratie, kennis en ervaringen die dit symposium bracht voor ons, de sprekers en de deelnemers.

    Wil je de DVD tonen tijdens een activiteit? Laat het me weten!
    Met een zonnige tuingroet, Mariëtte Verlaan (http://www.feng-shui-tuin.nl)

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